The quick count (QC) results from several survey institutions confirm the victory of Prabowo Subianto - Gibran Rakabuming Raka by around 57-58 percent. With this tally, it is almost certain that the presidential election will be done in a single round. This record surpasses President Joko Widodo's achievement of 55.50 percent in the 2019 Presidential Election.
The potential victory of Prabowo-Gibran has been detected early on. Surveys conducted before the general election had already identified a significant upward trend in Prabowo-Gibran's votes since November 2023. Despite leading in the surveys, Prabowo-Gibran's votes were not entirely secure for winning in one round. This condition led several survey institutions to lack confidence in claiming whether the presidential election would take place in one round. Most signalled that while the chances of a one-round presidential election increased, the potential for two rounds remained open.