The focus of this project is to identify crucial challenges and opportunities facing 2004 Election. Issues raised in this project are:

  •     System and process of the legislative election: Comparative survey (Anton Djawamaku)
  •     Direct presidential election: Breakthrough or trap? (M. Sudibyo)
  •     Profiles of the political parties: Solutions or problems of democratisation? (M. Djadijono)
  •     DPD candidates: Can they represent regional aspirations? (Indra J. Piliang)
  •     Presidential candidates: Solving national leadership problem? (I Made Leo W.)
  •     Electoral institutions: Complexities and preparation (Indra J. Piliang)
  •     Faces of the Indonesian electorates (Christine Susanna Tjhin)
  •     Indonesia's political map (J. Kristiadi)
  •     Potential conflicts (Arief Priyadi)
  •     The economics of 2004 elections (I. Ismanto)
  •     Women's role in 2004 elections (Medelina Hendytio)

This project is a departmental project and conducted by researchers of the Departement of Politics and Social Change.

Project director: Tommi A. Legowo.

Time frame: November 2003-February 2004.